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Our Services

Lindsay can treat a wide range of conditions. Lindsay’s postgraduate education makes him an expert in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

Neck and Back Pain:

Although the symptoms of neck and back pain may be varied, the best evidence for the treatment of these pains by physiotherapy is a movement carried out by the therapist and specific and appropriate exercises.


Shoulder Pain:

Shoulder rehabilitation has always been a special interest of Lindsays and he has gained a great
deal of experience with all shoulder conditions. As a swimmer of some 50 years he has a special insight into the problems associated with swimmers shoulders.



Please see our specialty headache page.

Elbow Pain:

(Including Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow) This is one of the areas where the understanding of anatomy and the best practice is very important for a good outcome. 


Knee Pain:

Lindsay has a lot of successes with rehabilitation of all knee operations and sorting out knee problems with a less obvious cause, like patella pain and Arthritis of the knee.


Ankle & Foot Problems:

The best evidence for the treatment of ankle and foot pain is a combination of support and movement, and it is likely we will use strapping and orthotics.